Monday, November 17, 2008

Start of New 6 Weeks

I'm no longer doing ETK workbook.ADDENDUM: I thought I was no longer doing ETK. I am on my own road now, but I'm will be doing ROP. Today I did this because I thought I was going in another direction, I'm sticking with the Book.

Joint Mobility: Goddess
Swings: 7 minutes with intervals until I get to 10 minutes
Upper Body: Artemus/Goddess
Swings were done with 25lb
Upper body done with 9 lb

Trying to find an RKC to learn snatches. I think I can do them but I always want to be sure i'm hitting it right. no sense in doing something and think I'm doing it to find out it's all wrong.

So that's the plan. When I get an instructor I will post how it goes.

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