Thursday, November 20, 2008

ROP Variety Day

Hi, Today is my variety day and a good thing it is. I had to babysit Jade and it just rearanged my day. So today I did my second Variety day. On Variety days you get to take it easy, do what you want. Today I did:

Stretch Max-Cathy Friedman with the bands.
I did Power and Grace - Circuit 1 3 times.It's a short work out but I did it 3 times to be sure I was doing enough: It consisted of: Swings, one and two arm. Some kinda lift that you lift the kettlebell up in the air and bring it back to chest hight. I also did the Sling shot. Love that and that was it. Can't believe tomorrow is a day off but I will do some Greasing the Grove and maybe just do a couple of pull downs to keep the shoulders moving.

What am I reading: I finished ETK and it's good.
Plan on seeing a RKC on Saturday to see if he and I mesh. Hopefully DD will give me an answer on what to look for or ask to know if I will be taught correctly. I had been trying to meet with a lady at PUNCH in Brockton but our times are not comeing together so I have to keep looking for help so I can make sure I don't teach myself Bad habits. I want to clean it up now and keep it clean.

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Faizal S. Enu said...

How do you know if you have a good RKC?: "I am a better kettlebell lifter after the session than before?" -- it is that simple.

When you go to your session, don't try to evaluate the instructor. Listen to what they have to say and do what they tell you to do. The time to evaluate the instructor is afterwards, and discuss that evaluation with the instructor.