Thursday, November 13, 2008


Lost count there I think but day three was suppose to be a rest day but I had dinner to prepare so yesterday was TGU day and I made Tuesday my rest day so today is day 4. OkAY. Swings done. This time I did the practice with the 25 all around. Just one circuit though but for 6 minutes, so I went longer. The goal is to build up to 10 minutes. Off to get ready for work now. SUL. <<(See U Latter)

I can't seem to find answers as to which way to go after Friday. I am stumped over what to do next week when I have to practice Clean and Press and I think Snatches. Those things hurt like the dickens and I really don't know why you have to try to learn something that is going to hurt your body. I've got to find some help or get it really quick so I can move on.

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