Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome to ETK W4/D1

Oh ya, we hammered it out again. I will hammer and hammer until that nail is flat in it's bed and then some. When I do this, I'm praying all the way, Lord, Please let me get it done. Don't let me quit. Let me stay strong. I pray and I get it done. I want to finish. I will not be a failure. I will succeed in this until the end of the program. I will read and I will practice each day. I so much want to teach people but I have to learn it for myself and this is not easy. It's not like unwrapping a candy and eating it. I takes staying will. Will to cry, will to stand alone. Will to believe in myself. I don't know If I'll make it there but I'm going to keep on trying until the road turns and I have to stop. So far, I'm on the mountain trail. I'm climbing and there is no other way to go but keep practicing. I need direction. I hope someone will be there for me when it's time to check the map again.

Today I did my swings the timed way,. I love this. I will always do this until I get to 10 minutes. Then after that, I plan on doing the whole sequence with my 25 all the time. All I want is a road map to follow to get me to certification so I can help others.

What will it do for me? I don't know. All I can do is hope it changes me like nothing else has.

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