Saturday, November 29, 2008

KC and me

Great training day number 1. I learned so much. I see I had to be tweaked. KC said he at least didn't have to start from the very beginning with me. He just has to tweak what I had been doing. I need a lot of help on my hip pop. That is a mother to learn. Lot of energy. Lot of tension. Not of quad work. I'm glad I can do it. I think I taped my corrections so I can do it better at home. Getting the needed instruction makes it so much better. I"m taking Sunday off because I may be sore but I may not. We went over Windmills and Swings. I have my lessons to do which I will write as I do them.

Reading over Until Today, it said (when y ou are confronted by something that challenges what you are working toward, do not be against it!! Allow other things to exist. Simply choose to put your attention elsewhere.) I find this to come just in time as my learning kettlbells is different then just following along on a DVD. I have to pull away from the fitness forum and do things the way that will lead me to my goal. That does not make what they do right or what I do wrong. just different. I will focus my energy on the things that I can stand up for. Following KC's instruction is the way.

I also found that taking up Loom Knitting will fill the time I'm not spending reading about DVD's and routine fitness.

Off to Loom. Making a scarf. Will post it when done.

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