Friday, June 7, 2013

Ali Macgraw and Eric Schiffman

Well, A very kind man on my UY group 108 suggested I try this DVD. It's difficult to find without a steep price tag so I purchased it from iTunes, something i didn't know you could do. Any way this is what I bought. Ali MacGraw and Erich Schiffman: yoga mind and Body. It is a very nice pace practice. Something I can keep up with. Has a nice flow and I felt good in my body. Not like it was doing things it didn't want to or that I had to force it to do. Sometimes when things are like this makes you wonder if you are still doing yoga. But this is how yoga should be. Nothing hurting. But enjoy the flow. I thank you, John Hodgins for the great suggestion. I think now that I know I can do something else, I can still be Ultimate, I just won't be super Ultimate. I like yoga and knowing I was to do it for 108 days, I will still do it but at a more moveable pace.

 “Find a place inside of yourself where the ever changing ebb and flow of life does not dictate your fundamental sense of peace. Practice peace and peacefulness will come your way. Practice love, mindfulness, gratitude… and this is what your life will be made up of."

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