Saturday, June 8, 2013

UYoga - 10

YES, I changed the name from Ultimate Yogi to Ultimate Yoga. Yoga is Ultimate to me. For me. I know it's going to do something on the inside and I'm ready. My discipline brings me to my mats and I enjoy it. That's what matters. I enjoy it. I don't have to ache in pain. I don't have to scream, I can't sit on the potty to give my body what it loves. We should love our bodies more an that means not beating them up. They are there to serve us on our journeys. Today I did Yoga Foundations and boy was that needed. I plan on building my own program from now until end of August or unless I feel strong enough to go back to UY. Travis' foundations is really where a newbie to yoga should begin. Even if you have done yoga before, check out how he recommends you do the postures. I feel good about this choice. I feel good about reading Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit. Great book about how we grow into what we are possibly searching for within ourselves. No wonder yoga is so eye opening. Maybe a lot of people were searching for answers and they came to the answer by being still. Yoga makes you be still and go inward. You can't get what yoga can give from Kettlebells, lifting weights, Pilates, Barre, dancing or Zumba. At least I didn't. I tried all that I listed and you know why? Because you are too busy doing in all of the other forms of exercise. When you quiet your mind and listen to your breath, your spirit does talk to you. It's been said to listen to the still small voices. Well, don't go bugging because it's when they talk to us. They have our full attention. From the book:
What ever the practice, as long as there is an intention to know thyself through it and the commitment to see the process through, almost any activity can become an opportunity for learning about yourself. Swadhyaya means staying with our process through thick and thin because it's usually when the going gets rough that we have the greatest opportunity to learn about ourselves.

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