Sunday, June 9, 2013

UYoga- 11

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It's 79 degrees and beautiful outdoors. It was even more beautiful in doors as I did my yoga for the day. I felt like I was giving my body what it needed. yes, it was ready to do yoga. I planned that before I went to sleep so that when I awoke, I would be ready. It worked. Yoga was on my mind, the yoga words were in my thoughts. I have to read more so I can tok the language. I did Yoga foundations #2 today. It felt better then #1 or I just liked it. We did progress with more twists and and I'm getting to like the pose where you are on alternating knee and outstretched arm. I had the name now it escapes me. I like using all three mats also because no matter where my foot is, I'm on one. Feels better then even putting down my Mandala round mat. Had a good breakfast and it's going to be a good reading day.

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