Thursday, June 27, 2013

UYoga - 23

Boy time can fly when you have a few *off* days. Things just got to much for me and I was not able to get my yoga practice in. Well today, I got in with Mediation to start. I feel more connected, on point when I place my intent first. I get to invite the holy spirit in and the other helpers so I don't get discouraged. I wrote on my dry erase board *Do what you can, With what you have where you are at*. That's important to say all the time. I'm who I am, not Jeanna, not Tammy, not Barbara but Cheryl Grant Samms. I'm living in this body and this is the one I have to work with. So, be patient and love her just as she is. She's the best body I have. Sean Corn was kind today. I love her instruction but some time it feels hard to hold the pose while she continues to say how to get into it and hold. I swear I've healed it 10 or so seconds more then when she decides to say, okay come out of that one. I think Yoga as all day because it's not the poses, it's the inviting of spirit. To be a good person in everything I do with who ever I talk to who ever I reply to. I thank God for waking me this morning and allowing me to sleep peacefully and sound. I had things on my mind the other day and I have to face a bit of a Giant in the next day and 3 hours. I pray that what I say will be received in love.

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