Sunday, June 23, 2013

UYoga - 21

Yea. Moving right along here.  Nice night, nice day.  Had a good day withRay in his bible study.  Nice to share the light with others.

I was still able to come home and do yoga.  I did Sean Corn again, but a different one.  She doesn't talk as much.  This is a talk over one and much better.  It's still difficult but I can do this.  Just go slower. Breathe and flow.  The issue I have to do is get a bit after, more sure in my Up dog and then into down dog.  I get hesitant there but I know, I will move through this.  Today, I also took a bit of a break but then I got up and continued when she did the floor postures.  Lots of twisting and she explained what you are doing while doing the posture and you know, that feels great.  Just knowing what you are working on because you can send the breath into that muscle feel great, better.  I enjoy Sea.  I almost did Baron but I'm glad I did what I did.  

Do your meditation, set the intent and flow.  

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