Saturday, June 15, 2013

UYoga - 16

Don't even know how to keep up with myself. But today I did yoga from Amazon called Yoga for Health and other stuff. It was interesting. She was pretty good. Good I'll say, slow enough for me to keep and good because she did things I had not done before but enjoying trying. I'd say I'd do it again just so I could practice those poses. I did the Plow pose with putting the stool in back of me so I would have some place to touch my feet without dangling them in the air. I'm not yet stretched enough in my spine to have my feet touch the floor. This does feel good though. Will feel even better when I get rid of some of that flesh between my ribs and my hips. Just not enough space there to hold it. I don't want it so it might as well give up and go away. I really don't care also what boat it best on but it best get on a boat and get out of here. My book by Baron Baptiest came today also. Journey into Power and something tells me I might bet getting more books. Might as well have a library in which to refer to because I'm going to referring everyone to yoga. Love the practice today and I'm glad it's done. At first from doing my errands I didn't think I would get it done but God made a way and it was appreciated.

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