Monday, June 3, 2013

UYD - 8 Improvised

Well, I started off doing the day 8 suggested Cardio, a few rotations in and I said, I don't like this. It was alright for the warm up but then the roller coaster got into full gear and left me back in Kiddy land. So, I said, I'm not giving up my Yoga. I'll find something else by Travis and that I did. I did Gentle Yoga. Loved it and I could do the whole thing. Now that's what I like. I did notice that I can do the lay on the mat with knees bent and turned to the left side, easier then on the right. When I do the right side, they don't go all the way down to the floor as does the left. Also, on that one where you swing your left arm under your right elbow and try to make your hands touch, I do better Right under left then Left under right. Lot of differences on sides but I couldn't remember them as I was doing them to get them to the blog. Will have to stop more and right things down so I can improve. I tried to invasion or have an intention that when we sit on the floor and have booth feet touching that both my knees are also laying on the floor. Mine stick up like they want to fly off, so we need more hip mobility is it? I don't know, but what ever it is that gets those knees down to the ground. Travis was very kind in this video but the video was blurred and not as sharp as UY dvd. Those are perfectly clear. I then gave my self a treat of fruit cup. I had made potatoes and Ranch dip for after. Ha, I made a wiser decision and went for the Mango and Dragon fruit. I bought this strange item at the Asian Grocery store, not knowing what it was. I thought it was pretty so I bought it. Well, it is like a kiwi in the inside. You don't eat the skin. And good thing about it is there is no large stone in the middle. Just luscious juicy fruit. Well, it's not sweet. Not by a long shot. It's cool to taste. I could eat it again but today, I ate it with my mango and had a Dragon Mango fruit bowl. Here it is. :)

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