Monday, June 17, 2013

UYoga - 17

And we are moving right along now. Seems once you find something you can do it does go fast. AT one point I didn't know if I was ever going to get past 2 weeks. But I'm moving. I'm on th emat and today I did yoga Foundations 2nd class. I thought I was suppose to do class 1 but since class 2 was geared up in the player, I said, just go with it.. I really like the breathing and I'm getting to like that little, what is it Song Bird pose. I just look down and hold tight so I can stay on my branch) Even though I eat nothing before yoga, my stomach still feels like a 2 10 pins in there. I dream when I breathe I hollow out my stomach and envision what it would feel like to have a flattened belly. Ah to dream. Hope it's not impossible. I've been after this goal for the life of me. Food was good. I ate left over wonderful baked chicken I made from a good rub from Whole foods. yes, it was worth every penny. I had some rice and green beans and called it a healthy meal. Later on, I had a nice juicy tasty piece of watermelon. Felt bad for throwing that rind out because if I were juicing the melon, I would have used that. But before that I made cranberry, apple, lime juice. It was good but even just a slice of lemon makes it taste like Lemonade so quickly. Today is the first day, I'm feeling a bit better in the shoulder area with the passing of the shingles. Wow, that is a trip I do not want anyone to have to suffer through. It hurts and it hurts some more. But, I'm healing as I rest and that makes me feel better.

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