Friday, June 14, 2013

Uyoga - 14 and 15

Wonderful day. I had a good time on the mat with Sean Corn and Baron Baptiste. Baron is a bit slower, could use some better music but he was good. I'll put him in for a weekly do. Sean was gorgeous, just her message makes it go by fast. Lots of good twist and now that I understand what the twist are for, detox, I'll be more then glad to do them. I won't miss Travis because he is the star with 3 positions in my weekly line up. The whole point for me now is health, good form, good practice and share what I learn with others. Yoga is for everyone. Any age, and body. We know the main stream media shows women as big as a plant leaf but really, that's the wrong image of yoga. If you saw the men in India who are doing yoga, you would not see very many pencil leaves doing yoga. I wish I could so very much go on a yoga retreat. Just to sit and listen to the scholars of yoga. But since I need more Benjamins I will have to just dream and look at my dream board about where I'll go to be with more Yogis and Yogini's. Today was a great day on the mat. All three of them.. See you tomorrow with pleasure as we go forth remembering what we did today so it will be welcome, tomorrow. Namaste

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