Wednesday, June 12, 2013

UYoga - 13

Really!!! I'm doing it.I'm doing it my way. It feels good. No complaining. Getting out of bed and putting on the yoga pants is one of the tricks. I can't drink my water so I have to do that after yoga or else it will be on the floor in front of me. I did Yoga Foundations 2 today. I loved it. It did feel as if I was able to twist a bit more when you do that think where you put one leg over the other and then have the opposite elbow reach to the outer knee. I have to find the names of these poses. Mirichi Pose I felt pretty good twisting more by holding stomach in, turn a little, breathe, the turn a little more an hold. That's as far as I'm to go. I also received two great things in the mail. Yoga and the Quest for the True Self and The Yoga Bootcamp Box by Baron Baptiste. Lots of learning and I'm going to enjoy doing that in the sunlight tomorrow.

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