Monday, June 24, 2013

UYoga - 22

And we made it on the mat again.  I enjoyed today for I actually put in 2 dads. (smile) I think I want to use (s) vs LOL.  any way (s) LOL.  okay… okay.  So I did some of Baron Baptiste today. Oh boy, lot of abdominal work. He's good but working the core is such a pain and I do mean figuratively.  So, thank goodness it was short but it made me feel I had not done enough because it was over so fast. So, I put in his other DVD I have and that was enough.  Enough being present and applying myself.  Yoga, well, they say do what you can and leave the rest. I did. But each time I do I find myself in more prayer about why my body is not doing the postures as they are meant to be done.  The Camel. and The Bridge   both are trying. I'll try not to use words that are defeating.  But, I can't get my hands under my back with the back that high off the ground and the Camel, well I just can't let go of both hands to touch my feet as it hurts my lower back. so, I'll have to look up modifications and modify until it all … lets…… go….

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