Monday, August 18, 2008

Wow on the eating

Man, I'm so sick of eating it's just sickening. Eating constantly. All day long all I can or did do was watch the clock to see if it was time to eat again. I'm sick of eating. I like food but man it can be sickening. I did it today though. All the way through. Now, see. Just waiting for 10"30 to come so I can drink that last Protein Drink. I am so done. I used to like eating...Now I'm sick of it.

I did the 15 Minute segment and Cathe's stretch max with the band. Now to set the mind to go work and keep thinking, one step at a time. Little by little I'll get to where I've never been before.

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Fitgirl-ATX said...

Keep it up, Cheryl. Don't give up. Consistency is key...
on another note, I am also an avid Cathe fan - why did I break down and get the STS yesterday (last day of the pre-sale)??!! LOL I saw the previews on youtube and couldn't resist. I'll probably give it a whirl in the winter, after my competitions are over.