Saturday, August 30, 2008

Walk Day

Planed on walking today with the GymBoss. I didn't use it until I was just about done because the walk was leisurely. Nice,no one out there to distract me. Then I get on the Phone with Mary and talk to her until I'm just about done. So, coming down the hill I used it and it worked great. I speed walked for that minute then went back to regular walking.

At home did a few swings with Iron Core, change up, went to Clinic. Practiced swings, where bell should be behind heels, where to hinge at hip, all these pointers aren't in other vids. They have done a bit of instruction but it seems each has a difference on how to do it, where the hands should be placed. I did find doing it AOS way a bit better. I really need to practice my Cleans, I have trouble figuring out when to turn the wrist out. I don't know if I should get The Kettlebell Way or what?

Now it's time to get ready for the dungeon. Yes, BH is a dungeon, dark and dreary. I always have to put myself in some other place so I can enjoy the time, to read, learn and do the best I can for all I am in contact with.

I prepared a bit of food. What seems like a lot to me, probably isn't enough but I will decide from what I did how to improve on the quantity.

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