Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's moving

Yes, I do believe real fat is moving now. I am down another pound and that is good. I was on the scale praying that number was not the same as the last one.

I received a new meal plan and it's not that bad. I think in my head I felt like there were/are a lot that I can't have but what I am eating is good. I will always miss my mac and cheese but I will save that for those splurge meals. Maybe I will even outgrow a *splurge* meal.

I've been busy ordering. I ordered my floor tiles. These will also be great for Jade to lay on. Never thought of that until I realized they did show a baby laying on them.

I ordered 2 books by Marilu Henner. Just to see how to fix a different salad.
I changed from Verizon to Comcast. I'm so sick of my Picture pixiating when it gets too windy, snowy or rainy.

I took my 60 minute walk today and .. my GymBoss arrived. I will spend some time with that on Wednesday to get the hang of it.

The fall is on the way. I had to get my Allegra today because the allergies have let me know... they are here.

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