Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today was a walking day. Great weather, great sun, great temperature. Work is fun .. but.. I won't say anything more. I ordered a Gymboss today to include some fast walks in my regular walks. I know I can use it for other things but I do need to do that interval thing. Will work on the page this weekend to see if I can change colors. Why, I don't know.. something to do I guess. I ate Chicken Roll up at work today and I can't say it was great. Felt a little different and I don't know if that's because of the regular roll up or not. The chicken was suppose to be fried in no trans fat.. who knows. Maybe it's all in my head. Would like to get better at writing down my meals. I thought the computer was the way to go but I don't think so. It can get too complicated on whether or not I make it a meal, finding the food, inputing it, etc. I love to write so why not just find that cool little black book that won't be too heavy in my pocketbook? I get to sit with Jade over the weekend. I am also going to meet Denise, a new PUNCH gym owner. She may go over some things with me and watch my form so I can tell if I'm squatting correctly. Maybe they are just to fast for me but I know when I do them it hurts.

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