Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Did the Ultimate today

Hey, today was/is a great day. I got my Protein powder in the mail and it is great. I've never tasted a protein powder so good in my life. I can drink it with WATER. No clumps. Great stuff. I also got my foot roller. More to come by the end of the week. I cooked up some salmon today on the grill and it's fab. the salad and the salmon I had at work were delicious. this is going to be easy to do. I just have to cook it up. the chicken burger. Easy. thought it was going to be dry but it's great. Never had one before. now I want more protein powder. :) I also did my first Kb exercise with Lauren. I did the 15 minute program and it was awesome. Can't wait to keep on doing it so I can see results. If these little changes are good can't imagine what it will be like when it all comes together.

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