Saturday, August 16, 2008

The eats

The thing that takes the most thought is the eating. I ate what I was suppose to today. I Stir fried the Ground Chicken with some Broccoli and mushrooms. I had my 1/2 cup brown rice..

Breakfast was the egg whites and spinach.
Other meal was the 4 ounces Pineapple.
I did my Lauren 15 minute work out. I thin I should do that at least 3 x a week and go for 2 weeks and then do something else. She goes a bit fast and I'd rather just go at my own pace.

I'm taking the supplements and feel okay. I'm still very fat in the gut but.. oh well. I wonder what it will look like flat:)

I called Denise, the PUNCH gym owner but not reply yet. I want get the feel of the Diva bell... I really want a program or other more trained persons input on what to do. Love the dvd but it's a bit fast.

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