Friday, August 8, 2008

Great !!!

I made it to vacation. I'm on vacation. Haven't been on vacation since I went with Marla on our cruise last May. Long time coming. I don't know why I don't think much of taking vacation. I guess it's because I don't get to go any where. So. it's not a big deal. This week though, I plan on practicing Kettelbell training. Learning my snatches, cleans, TGU, swings and getting a routine, down. Sleep and enjoy my new eating plan. I will start to make small goals for each day.

Today I accomplished a goal and it wasn't even on the forefront. I didn't eat candy. Eating the eating plan Bonnie has given me sure stears me away. I like it. Felt kinda weired today though, like I couldn't think.

I'm also chainging and deciding not to drink milk or it's products. Don't know how but at least we can take it a day at a time. I love pizza but there are other kinds I can eat I'm sure.

I get to baby sit Jade for 2 days. I'm a bit scared for them because I want them to be comfortable with me and the baby. it will be a great time to hold a baby girl again. Get to show her I love her and hugs.

Fridays goal is to exercise with Lauren and I hope all my supplements come in so I can do a full day of the eating plan. Now that's the plan.

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