Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I did it again

I ate correctly the whole day.. yes this is an acomplishment. i didn't even get tempted to get the candy that i knew was going to be on the desks at work. I passed it up. Yea for me. I kept telling them to put the candy away. I got Marla to actually throw out her Coke today.

This is a success. I also walked my 60 minutes today.
I found a new web site that at least talks about what I'm going through. I ordered the book just to see how they cook teh food. Burgers of all my ground products and be a bit tiring. I don't know why I feel it's tiring. I didn't feel what I ate before was like this. I guess it's because it's new.

I have to say, some people ask such non-thought out questions on web forums it's rediculous. sometimes you don't want to even respond but responding may light a light up that says, oh, I could have found that out or... I should have looked before engaging my mought. Just crazy I tell ya.

So, the big news. I did weigh myself and I weigh 167 pounds. I was afraid to get on the scale but.. it did move. Wow. That's a great feeling to see and register in my mind. All the more need for good healthy relationships. Keep this body moving downward.

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Fitgirl-ATX said...

CONGRATULATIONS, CHERYL!!! YOU ARE DOING IT, LADY!!! I AM INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT. Keep pressing forward. As for the front squats - take them slow and at your own pace. Don't force yourself to follow the pace of the video. Also, just practice without the kettlebell, squat into position, and press your elbows against your knees to allow your hips to open up. Do this a few times as a warm-up. I'll send you a video to better describe what I'm tallking about this weekend. Denise will probably show you this as well.