Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yea, Thanks Nia

Thank you for the compliment, funny... I just got out of the shower and said, I need some help. :) and there you are. Thank you for the affirmation and hope.

I did not feel like I did enough today. I think I know I judge myself too strong but I don't know what's enough and what's too much. I know when I can't pull any more, that's too

Today I did Ultimate Body Sculpt, 15 minute segment. I felt lot of pain in my right hip doing the squats so I set back on those.

I love the swings the most. Hip movements are another story.

I also did some of Elevation. He really has some nice moves there. The haft get up, my legs raise up off the floor but I still push myself up. I did the whole rounds though. I didn't do them a couple, just went through all of his rounds once.

I think I have to get a grip on this darn QVC again. They've had such good things that I had to order, sketchers, rings, cleaners, pocketbook and more rings. Once I get the right combo, I know I'll be done. It's like that with my blue agate, I love it and it's on it's finger until something shinny comes my way.

So, I feel good. It just stinks that eating can feel good for the moment and you feel great, but exercising, I'm not feeling the greatness.

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