Friday, August 8, 2008

On my way

Well, I feel like I'm on a trip alone. I just get this email from Ray saying good luck on finding new eating journey or something to that effect. He's like an old man, like my deceased Godparents who never change a thing. Must be a military brain or something. What they think is what they think and unless you are an authority on it, they stick with their ways. He will probably not use a new cologne either as it's not what he has been using. I know that relationship will only be friends because I can't live with someone who just thinks what they do is the only way. I guess I just want to help people see there may be a better way. So, being I'm not an authority, it won't be believed. Wish God will send me a soul mate. Male or female.

Well, today is the day I do my new eating plan all the way. Everything that I was waiting for came in the mail today. So, here I go. I'll be back later today as I'm home allllllll day:)

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