Sunday, August 10, 2008

the weekend

I got to spend some time with Jade this weekend. I had her from Friday until Sunday afternoon. It was really fun and great and I hope bonding.

I didn't exercise this weekend, only Saturday. I couldn't get time in because of sitting with her.

I will exercise on Monday. I ordered Miracle from Ebay this evening. I bet it will smell awesome on my skin. Love to lotion up once out of the shower. Just wish they weren't chemical laden.

I'm doing good with my eating. Now that I know I can eat more vegetables, I felt like all I was eating for days was lettuce. It was okay but that's not a veggie I can take every day more then once a day.

I have to get the supplements in. I'm doing okay learning.
Got some new pj's from Walmart and a bunch of other tops for under $50. reason I say this is because just watching QVC, one top can cost as much as all the items I purchased. I saw a dress there I want so. who knows, .. might go back and get it.

A week off. I'm soo looking forward to it. Sleeping and exercising and eating. That's all I want to do .. and read and spend some time in the sun. I hope I get at least more sunny fun days then downers. i.e. rain.

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