Thursday, August 28, 2008

The sugar monster

Is leaving. I am getting off of sugar. Don't know how or when it will be done but I know I'm working on it. The more I understand how harmful sugar can be for my body, health, depression, energy, the more it will be easy to let it go. When I understand something I usually can see it through.

My GymBoss came today. Need to learn how to work it like, right now. Sent a few things back to QVC not needed or not liked. I'm full all ..of.. the ... time.. lol Bough the book Lick The Sugar, got a food scale and my kettlebell necklace came today. It's really nice size. Lisa even noticed it and said it was nice. Thought it was going to hang too long but, it's just right with my uniforms. Can't

today was Kettlebell day. Really want to work on snatch and get it right. I really like the Laurie Video, #1. Hope I find the #2 for even less. :) I like how she has rest periods in between each exercise. not after you do three. For me, that's a bit much but I will make a goal to work up to it.

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