Thursday, October 23, 2008

ETK Day 3

Good day, Had to do Brazilian Body.I think when I do this again I will do another segment. The first might actually be harder then the rest.

I brought good food for dinner and snack at work. Went well, but I still wanted to eat potato chips. I resisted. Till, I got home and had peppers, onions, Whole Wheat Pita and slice of cheese. I love this combo at D'angelos.

Thursday, (today)it's swing day again. I have to get through this soreness so I bet I'll be crying tomorrow. I did order a 10lb Ader so that I can build up that left arm. I want to still be able to do the form but with a lighter bell might help. Also, it will come in handy when I do Windmills, use it for the down arm.

I must say I think TGU's work your core because I'm a mild bid sore there.

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