Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh Boy

Get ready for a new journey, through sand, through wind, through .... just through.

I just purchased for my health, my mind, my fitness journey, Enter The Kettlebell. I feel this book is also fundamental in what I want to achieve with this body. The way through the door is with the man himself, Pavel. I need to know how he thinks about how this sport is learned, the benefits, the gains, the visualization, the goals that can be obtained. I always and will always feel, that when I'm learning something, I want the best. The best book, the best pens, the best vision. I am doing KB's but I want to do them better. Stronger. No injuries. Understand the foot patterns. Understand the rest periods. I just read tonight the question I asked almost 3 months ago on AoS. What is. ETK workbook. I had to laugh because look at me now. Purchasing more. This is how I felt when I wanted to lose weight. I felt like, i will do what ever it takes to get this weight off.. and it came off.. It's still melting off.It feels awesome. I feel good. I'm not way up floating but I'm still determined. By the end of December, I will be someone even more indredible then I am today. The book.. Oh the book. It is AWESOME for me. I am so glad I decided to go with ETK program. It was for me to do. I asked for a way to learn. Just getting video after video was not making me happy. Learning does. I'm learning. I'm learning now, how to do wall squats. Learning how to get more comfortable in the TGU. This is such a good feeling to be able to do these. I'm going to put my effort and concentration in getting up with that weight 10 times or more this week. You can do this Cheryl. Get a NEW DREAM and DREAM BIG!!!!

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