Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday okay

It came and went so fast. I didn't get a good day in but I did get to exercise. That's important. Here's my work:

Windmills 5/5 x 3 @ 16
Military press 10/10 x 3 @16
2 arm dead lift, If there is such a thing 10 x 3 @ 25
Swings, have to do these every time 15 x 3 @ 25
Chest press, not sure of the name but 10/10 x 3 @16 these were very hard.

No time to Meditate, had to get ready for work.

This session was difficult in that it was hard to get those last 2 pushes in at the end. That's when I felt my triceps kicking, twitching and I guess doing their thing.
I'd say do this again and also practice on those *snatches* and *swings* They will take me far. !!!1

I heard from Tracy and Sara today. Great day for replies. I appreciate you both answering my questions and helping me learn how to be a better person and kettlebell student.

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