Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's Saturday

I actually feel pretty good. I think it's a combination of not having to go to work, getting Jade today and it being a Gorgeous fall day outside. The best time of the year here. I used to not like fall but I tell ya, the leaves blowing off the trees, the wind a little brisk, the sun shining, it really is a Great day and.


As I sit today, I realize and I'm listening to my inner voice. I took a step this year to lose weight. I wanted to lose weight with all my power. I did not know how to achieve this goal but.. I knew.. I wanted it. I asked a few questions one day and I got so bombarded with rocks about this particular nutritionist that it was sickening. I was like, what the heck is she a God or something? it was all powerful that this was the way. I felt compelled to say, okay, I'll bite. All the while in my head, I had a battle. I don't know why but there was. I wanted to quite that battle and so, I went forth. I did all I could, even go into debt to do this. Now this contradicted my previous goal of working on getting out of debt. Not good. I was always feeling alone, more so then usual from being single as no one was eating as I was. I felt alone and I felt like a Giraffe amongst Elephants. I don't know where that picture came from but that's what I felt like. Every day at work people were eating out, eating Candy, even Chewing gum made me upset. It was just plain hard. Losing weight on your own is very hard. I've heard this, I've read this and I've felt this. Get support what ever road you chose to go. It's like choosing a doctor. If you and that doc don't click, step out. I wasn't clicking because I had questions and I felt they were not being answered to my understanding. Therefore, this person said, I asked the same questions all the time and even eluded that I was playing games with her. Well, it was no game to me. It was about helping me understand why a certain food could not be on my plate. I had rough days where I say were a pitty party. They say well, you are!!! Great encouragement wouldn't you think: ) So, I have like 4 weeks to go on this eating plan and then I'm off to do as I please. I please right now to do what I can on it until I know my 12 weeks are up. Then we'll do the countdown again, till Christmas. My goal for the end of the year any how was/is to lose 20 pounds. I can do it and I will. Stick to what works for you. Make sure it's a healthy choice and read as much as you can about it. Get support. Even from family or friends or other people on your eating journey. Just don't sit it out alone. Stress can also make you fat so make it as stress free as possible. There will be stress in learning a new way of eating, but be patient and gentle with yourself. You have to live with you. Be well and be Blessed.

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