Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I survived

Yes, I survived my Birthday bash. LOL. I ate what I wanted all day and I'm glad to be back in my regular eating program. That day was fun. I ate breakfast out with Mary, Belgian Waffals and sausage and coffee. Next was, what ever you call it at Chicago Grill. Had 2 slices of Pizza and water.Then later on I had my favorite.. Fried Clams. Who knows how many drinks. LOL. And I'm awake and okay. Not to do anything like that again until Thanksgiving. LOL, so, it's buckle down and get busy getting these next 2 pounds off. It felt great getting compliments from Mary and Ray. How skinny my thighs are. I said it comes with a price. I'm ready to do more and this time, I know what to do.


Fitgirl-ATX said...

Happy belated birthday, Cheryl! I meant to send you a card yesterday. It sounds like you lived it up (as you should) AND that your program has worked for you. Congrats and keep the party going :-)


Tytbody said...

Thank you Nia. I'm doing it now. I feel realy good and ready to push myself more. Thank you for the comment. It does help.