Sunday, October 12, 2008


It's my birthday. So, Happy Birthday Cheryl. Welcome to 54 years on earth. Healthy and Happy. Learned a lot in this past year. How to exercise, how to take care of myself better, how to eat better, when to shut my mouth and when to speak on something. Get closer to being out of debt from Dave Ramsay. I got blessed with a Granddaughter as you see below. I go to see my son turn 29. I have accomplished a goal that I have been striving for you years by my birthday. That is to lose weight. I tried many times or said I was going to do it but I didn't do it. This year. I got it done. I have taken off, I didn't lose it because I don't want to find it again, 18 pounds. My goal for the year which started in August was to lose 20. Well, now that I have seen and tasted how good it feels to not take pills and not be bloated and not crave candy and cookies, I'm ready for the change. That of which I do not know yet what I shall be but I will be healthier, more patient and able to sleep much better. It is now officically, October 13, 2008. I am now, 54, Blow horns, whistles and throw confetti. Thank you God so much for a happy, safe, peaceful life.

First official birthday greeting came from Video Fitness. As soon as it turned 12AM I got a Birthday greeting. That's cool. What will I do with my day. Eat what ever I want. It's my smorogosboard. I just hope I don't get sick.. lol I've been waiting for this day for a while.

Oh ya, I'm 154.9 Pounds. I learned about whining yesterday. I found out, I'm not alone when it came to that during my weight loss days. It's not easy, you do need support and don't let anyone not stroke you when you need it. Take your strokes, get your strokes because, punishement and harsh words do not help anyone get to their goal. It just makes you more resentful of being on a diet. I won't fail myself now because, like a snatch, I now know what's good.

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kbcb4life said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love all the lessons you've learned and your bright, sunny disposition and attitude! Congrats on the weight loss! You go!