Thursday, October 30, 2008


Awesome day. I did my swings and I'm now up to 30. This is really a lot of work. I'm glad I have no numbers to try to obtain but my own. I do what I can in those 15 minutes and wow. I did moving today. No jogging in place. Just walking. That minute comes fast. I did the Pumps much better after watching Pavel do it. I understand now the hips go to the floor, and head turns in the opposite direction. The warm up is like a cycle itself. I get down there and want to stay in a cat stretch. 30 did tighten up my butt. I don't know if this is where you are suppose to feel it 100% but I do.

I ordered my book, Enter The Kettlebell. I'm glad I did as it's a requirement for RKC. Might has well have it and learn more about the ETK way. I know I will be stronger by the end of November. I just sure hope I keep up with the swings.

Goal: Work on those pumps to get to 10 as many times as possible within the allotted time. I'm glad i'm not working any more over time as I get to come home and sleep and just do my job and leave. I need to forget who is trying to watch who or check on who. I'm sick of the power games youngsters play. I pray that my mind will be set on just making my body healthier then it's ever been and to one day help someone else keep focused also. This takes a lot of focus. I know when I set my mind to achieve a goal, I know I have to spend a lot of time, reading and practicing. So, with this I will spend my time reading and practicing. I'm getting better at fixing meals quick and I'm still getting compliments. I wish I could see the good change in me that so many other see.

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