Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Great practice. I did it all. I did:
4 sets warm up today, one more than yesterday. I think it all depends on how fast I move from one exercise to the other.
TGU = 7 left with 3 lb, 8 right with 18

I feel I did well on wall squats. Even though my knees pop, creak, it's okay. I believe this will work out in time.

I have such a good time reading today. I read about Pavel. I ordered ETK I think yesterday. Set a goal to obtain RKC.. even If I don't make that, I will still be amongst the stars for doing exercise practice and enduring. I don't have to teach but it sure could be fun. I'm still going to go and see where the journey takes me.

I ordered a nice stretch video today. After seeing how important stretching is, I would like to have one that I can do and that is beneficial to my hips and shoulders.

I ate well all day. Steak, salad, broccoli, string beans, eggs, water.

I see how I'm growing and I love it.

It happened again. Here today, I'm reading about Stretching. What's the topic on Vegas' blog. Loosen up Joints.

I find Pandora today. Come to search out Anthony's Mos's and there it is, Pandora. he had already spoken about it. Well if he had an index of what was on his Mos's I would have found this wonderful station before but.. since I found it, I found it!! get it. :) Since I was looking for stretches, I found a video I could afford and that is not Fancy, girl y. Incredible I tell ya, INCREDIBLE!!! See why my mantra in front of me says: My Life is INCREDIBLE. I AM SURROUNDED BY LOVE!!!!

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