Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm learning

I'm not done with my weight loss days. I was just reading what I had posted but they are not done. Not by a long shot. Hey, what is a long shot any how. ? So, I went out last night with Shonna to a comedy show. It was really really funny. Will do it again. I also did not eat well, nor did I hold off on the drinks. Just a fun time. So, what I've been doing is reading about training. Yes, this is training. I am training to be a better athlete. We are all athletic and if we think in athletic terms, minds, we will concur our goals. I put a picture up of the only Master RKC female yet. She is very good and snatches, well, that's my goal. Work em like a pro.. It's in me I have to build up to it. I think I will wait for my workbook to come and see how it's laid out for the training. No sense in trying to make a goal if Anthony already has it laid out for me.

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