Thursday, October 2, 2008

Now What

I was suppose to walk today and my son came by with Jade. No stroller either. Crap. Maybe I will get a new DVD in the mail before I go to work. Or, I could do more kettlebell work. lol. Just when I was ready for some fresh air.

EATING. What I'm finding out is food is not the enemy. What is the enemy is diets that are too restrictive. You can enjoy food and still be healthy. When you feel like you can't have this and you can't have that and don't mix this with that.. Get real, you won't last long on that diet. I'm proof that that does not work. Find a program and look at the suggested guide lines before you dive into it. There maybe be things in there that you may not like or find it very difficult to break from. If this happens, get help. We all need support in everything we do. Even things we like doing, our hobbies and crafts. All diets aren't for all people. If you have a nutritionist, make sure you can get in touch with them when you are on top of the ladder and can't find your way down. If you get a book, get into a forum so you can ask questions. Which ever way, don't go it alone.

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