Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am doing well

I just read someones blog and they were feeling a bit low. You know it has to be the weather. I am not feeling low but I am feeling pretty darn good today. I am achieving my goal of losing my 20 pounds and boy does it feel good. It can be done.I've never ever ever done this before and now I think I will be doing it more. I can change my own life and I'm ready to help others change theirs. I do feel the difference of today and yesterday morning. I ate oatmeal, the first time for that long cooking one, I did have energy. I will see if it's the oatmeal on another day. lol. I ate egg whites and 2 slices Canadian Bacon. ya, I ate it cause it's in the Zone. I went through such a traumatizing event a few months ago, I'm scared to put anything in my mouth.

I would like to get a chin up bar. I don't know when this will be obtained but according to the Secret, I will get one along with an assisted band so I can do pull ups.

I'm addicted and I'm not looking for a cure.

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