Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Nice.. it's Good

It's a beautiful day out and it's a good day. I finally received a video I had been waiting for for a week. I also received my book, Secrets of a Former Fat Girl. It is a story of one ladies journey to weight loss. I will be in the house today, doing cleaning and reading and exercise. It may be gorgeous outside but it's nicer here. Ray sent me a birthday card. Very pretty. You know, you'd think after living for 54 years I'd like this fall, well, I think I can like it. I will be 54 on Monday, October 13 and I will look and feel FABULOUS.

I DID IT. I DID IT TODAY. I DID IT. I FELT IT I CAN DO IT. WHAT you may ask did I do. I did a proper snatch. Without banging my wrist. It felt good. I used my 8KG bell and Agatsu Women's Kettlebell DVD. What made it happen is reading the information I had previously received from Sara and then seeing this done step by step. This is a fast move and this dvd broke it down in person. I am very happy to do this and it will give me something to look forward to. This can be done and this can be fun. Now off to dance the Brazilian Body

It's done. I did the Maculele. It does take practice and it is good. I do like it. I have to do this more. This will and can replace walking. I'm going to learn to dance. Oh yea. !!!! time to feed the pie hole again...

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