Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Step by Step

And that's what i'm doing, I am so very happy to get assistance from Dave Whitley. He has written and given me confidence that I can do this. This is worth it to me. I will now set the goal to become RKC certified, September 2009. It just takes practice but practice under the right leadership. I believe Dave will help me get there. My ETK practice is also the road to success. It's progressive and it's by the book of Pavels written by Anthony. I have what I need, I just have to apply my body and my good thoughts and peristant practice. I'm eating much better, and now I know I can continue to eat this way. I feel confident and satisfied that I am doing the right thing. I received another compliment on my weight loss. That is really good. I have made my goal of losing my ten pounds. By the end of the year I should be at 148. I am at least able to have a glass of Wine, String Cheese, fruit and Oatmeal. I enjoy *fun* meal on Sunday. Just one, not an all day nuts day. Just one meal and that is so something to look forward to. I'm reading positive books. At the moment it's Secrets of a Former Fat Girl. (LOL) Just that it can be done and learn to see what it is that makes me think food loves me. I need a good Stretch Video to follow along. Maybe I can get Pavels even though it's not a follow along. Will see. I ordered another video, stretching instead. I know I can do this. I have my map and my compass.:)

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