Friday, September 26, 2008


I was reading what was your inspiration for KB on Lisa Shaffer forum. While I was typing I realized it's me. It's within me. So, even though it was/is 10:15 at night. I dawned my gloves, wrist bands, sneakers and exercise top. Brought down my 25lb kb and went to work. Jade on the couch and I put on my Rocky. That's inspiration to me. This is what I did.
Short but sweet and a night not wasted.
Swings 4 x 10 @25
Swings 2 x 15 @25
Just had to do something and swings you can never get enough of.
See ya later. Queen.

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veekcee said...

Very profound insight! Before you know it, Jade will want to be just like you!