Monday, September 29, 2008

Never .. Stop... It's not good

To even drink that last shake at night after 12 AM. I never ever sleep. Here I awake again because I wanted to get that last meal in and end up not sleeping. So what is better, no sleep and get the nutrients or sleep and not get what I need? Either way does not sound good.. so, that means eat earlier or skip that meal if it means less sleep. So, now I'm up and I'll wash dishes, find someone to put a parental control on my QVC Channel. I am addicted to that thing and it's not going to allow me to reach my goal during this holiday season if I have it on. I' not buying anything for any adult. The kids get the goods and that will only be within allowance. (off track, there is this fine, handsome, young brother on this show right now:) lol. Why aren't they where I live.. back on track.. hum... okay... let's go wash some dishes. It's a gorgeous rainy day out and that means stay in the house but, I have to get a few vitamins and eggs so I get to go sloshing in the rain for a minute. Meditation day for sure.

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