Monday, September 22, 2008

At home

There is always something to do at home. I would just love for everything to be done and i can sit back and go ahhhhh.. Well, since that only happens once a year for me, I'm going to try again and make it happen, at least twice.
Had to do laundry, go to post office, cook veggies, surf net, clean bathroom, and my goodness, just turned to see the plastic barbie dolls on Bally. eeekkkk. All full of plastic and fluff. Lol

Any way, I did work out today. It's okay with me, it all worked.
1 arm swings 10@25 x 3
Swings 10@25 x 3
1 arm Row 10@25 x 3
Sling Shot 10@25 x 3
Windmill 5@8kg X 3
40 Sec rests inbetween. that is inbetween each 10 not the whole thing and then rest. are you nuts!!!

Nice lemongrass scent, good music, comfy shoes and I was good to go.

Eating, went or is going well today. When I'm home, I have no choice to eat well. That is if I don't buy any not so good stuff.

Hope to meet up with Nia in October. That will be a treat.

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