Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have a lot to focus on now. I feel that it must be time to really focus on my eating and my health and what makes me happy. I am doing a lot of reading as of late. It's interesting. Finding that it's up to ourselves to do what's right for our health. We have to research it all and then decide what's best for us. I just came across another article in Experience Life called Ultrametabolism. Well, from reading his other work it is the same as my nurse practitioner told me years ago and I did not adhere to. Now, it's practically screaming at me. Stay away from the middle aisles. I also hear it saying it could have affected my onset of high blood pressure. I didn't even cook like Southern people so I don't know how it really decided. I believe it was a combination of working at the hospital in the ER and the eat what I want mentality. So now, I have to change. I'm doing it. I'm doing and not on a doctors recommendation because they are just waiting for ya. Work is a bit of a hassle for me now and I have to get some clear vision on how I want my job to be. I am so distracted by other people and I know they don't give a damn about me or what I feel. We have already been down the humble pie avenue and I ate the whole thing. I'm not doing it again. So God please help me just do what I do best and keep stepping instead of trying to make me eat the pie again.

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veekcee said...

I just posted to my blog and guess what the title was, Focus! I think we're on the same wave length tonight! We are both doing a bit of introspection! We're on our way to a healthier, stronger future! Hang in there!