Friday, September 12, 2008

Great Morning

I did Iron Core, the first part. Very good. Squats are not as they do but I go as far as I can and still move.
Breakfast was pretty good. Yup, I had an Ezekial Bread English Muffin and it's 100X better then the bread. At least it's moist.. but.. I found out why the bread was so awful. I was taking it from the freezer to the toaster. Not suppose to do that. Also, don't heat the Flax. I didn't but I'm writing it so I remember.. Don't heat the flax. My bucket o protein came today. Have to hide it so friends don't ask for me for that to.

GOAL to keep positive thoughts all day long. Yes, all-day-long. If a negative thought comes to my thoughts I am to switch it to a positive IMMEDIATELY. As Bonnie told me, I'M IN IT ... TO WIN IT.....

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