Friday, September 19, 2008

Walk day

Again, I think I write this more than I write kb day. I love to walk, I do it so often and don't mind a bit. Later on today, Thursday is kb time. Lord has to help me get through it. I seem to fail on doing a complete workout. Today will be the day I do something that allows me to get winded but not bad enough to make me stop. I'm taking my rest periods as Mike Mahler said. That will work for me. He gives a lot way in his seminars. It was good to see his beginning ones were under $500. Unlike Anthony's asking for $1800. Man I'd rather go to Hawaii for that money or spend 2 weeks in Jamaica.
I got my book sold just as sure as I put it on Amazon. I sold From Russia With Tough Love. Now I'm halfway to getting Lisa Shaffer's book which will have better explanations in it for me. She at least also answers on her forum. I like that.

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