Friday, September 26, 2008

Pissy Mood

Wonder how on earth can you just wake up from a good sleep, a sleep I had nothing to do with and be mad?? how does this happen. I went to bed last night I guess, bewildered because Jerry said to call him back. I called him back and he didn't answer the phone. Now that makes me wonder? Why ask someone to call and then not answer? So I went to bed confused. I also had work related same old crap with supervisor who does not supervise. I guess she got issues and doesn't have time to watch her chicken coop. When this happens, I say, I'm staying out of it. her mess and she can come and sweep maybe when the dust bunnies reach her door. By that time they are Jack Rabbits or something else much bigger then a bunny.

It's raw and rainy. I'm suppose to get Jade at 11 AM. I guess I won't be going outside today. Snuggle in and do some exercise. Not my favorite thing to do on a day off but I guess that's what I'm to do. Maybe I can whip up some soap or a lotion. Get my exercise notebook ready for entries.

I just have to say every forum I've been on there seems to be a problem. I should have learned more in DP school. They have boards that have no replies to messages read. No Private messages. No direction on where the home page is. There is one nice board but some women just suck. They just ask questions that I guess they could research their own answers but they feel that someone else knows more or better. The board does grab you in that you want to find out what are they talking about. Some boards have very rare traffic. So it's either feast or famine on what to join. I guess I may wonder,what the heck is a forum for when all the people are just people doing a form of exercise and know one knows it at all. No one knows kbs. They all assume stuff. They don't take a class, they don't ask the instructors, they just buy every single DVD out there an then think they know it all. I know these videos are extremely hard. Then you hear them say they did this for 45 minutes and that for 30 minutes with a 30 pound KB. Well how come the hell your ass is still fat!!!!! I say make a difference and then have something to talk about. My Bitch for the day. Now I need my allergy medicine to work, I'm stuffed up:(

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veekcee said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day! The last part of your post had me rolling on the floor laughing! ;) You are so right.