Friday, September 19, 2008


Did it. Feel good, not great but pretty good. This is what I did. Made it up as I went along.

Swings x 10 @25 x 2
1 Arm Swings x 10 @18 x 2
Turkish Getup 2 @18

40 sec rest periods

Doesn't look like much does it? lol it's better then nothing and I persevered doing it in my SUN Room.

Used lemongrass mister.


Today I wanted this book by Lisa Shaffer. This is not the first day I wanted this book. Two people on the kettlebell forums suggested I get this book. Now I was thinking what good is a book going to do me? Well, with their suggestions and looking over the pictures and the explainations of the moves I really thought I should have this book to help me achieve the practice I want.

So, today, I ordered the book, not having the money in my bank account. I still charged the book and said, I need 18 dollars more because I had sold Pavel's From Russia With Tough Love book. That book brought me no interest. No pointers, I never finished it so I sold it to get money for this next book.

I just finish exercising and then I went and got the mail. Well, what was in the mailbox but money from my sister for my birthday of $125.!!!!! I got tears in my eyes because I did not know she would send so much and on top of it, I got the money to pay for the book I asked for.!!!!

So, what i did now was write that Check from the Universe and stuck it on my bulletin board. Bring on the Gratitude Universe. I am ready....

This is from The Secret.

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