Monday, September 15, 2008

Hot Water Burst

Well, You never ever ever know what will happen in a day. You really can't plan. I know and hear how people plan their days, but I tell you, your plan may not be Natures' plan. Today, this morning, my hot water tank burst!!!!! No warning. No clue, no nothing. Just BUMP. Like something hit the house, then, Ray was here changing the water filter at the time, we looked around, we saw nothing. Then he goes down stairs to check around and you know what he found???? 4 inches of water in the basement faster then I'm typing these words. Soaked carpet, soaked comic books, soaked stuff. I guess I got my workout from removing all of that mess. Then he bought a Shop Vac. Well, the carpet is still wet and it will all have to come up. :( Very sad on this account.

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